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Turkmen Caspian Seaside


In the west the waters of the Caspian Sea wash the territory of Turkmenistan and stretch for 600 kilometres. The geographical study of the trans-Caspian region started from the coast of the Caspian Sea. The basis of the economic and cultural relations of Turkmenistan with the neighbouring countries was formed there. The Turkmen coast of the Caspian Sea can be rightfully called one of the unique natural regions of the country.
The total area of the Caspian Sea is 372,000 square kilometers, moreover, the territory of the basin is ten times more than the water surface 3.6 million square kilometers. The sea sprawls 1,300 kilometres  from the north to the south and its narrowest place is 200 kilometres while the widest one is 800 kilometres. Its average depth is 180 metres while the maximum one is 980 metres. The Caspian Sea lies 28.5 metres below sea level. The Caspian Sea is bordered by Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan and Russia. Such important rivers as the Volga, Ural, Kura and Terek empty into the Caspian Sea.
The coast of the Caspian Sea is inhabited by the representatives of a rich animal and vegetable kingdom many of wich are so rare that it is very difficult to see them in heir natural habitat. We can see this striking beauty in the Khazar State Reserve established in 1932.
The main wealth of the sea is fish. Such fish as herring, pike perch, vobla, grey mullet, sprat and sturgeon are caught there. Such valuable fish as white sturgeon can be caught only in the Caspian Sea. The basin of the Caspian Sea is famous for its rich oil, gas and other chemical raw materials. Not only rich mineral resources but an extreme ecological purity of the sea water and remarkable conditions for rest as well made the Turkmen region of the Caspian Sea famous all over the world. 

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