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Nomad Village - Erbent Oasis


Erbent oasis has preserved many of the traditional nomadic customs and handicraft throughout the centuries. Watch the Teke villagers prepare a traditional Chynar-patterned felt, see how the wool is combed and beaten and help the women with their tremendous work.

Watch the firing of the Tamdyr-Oven to bake the dark bread common in rural areas and join the milking of the dromedary camels to make Chal, the traditional fermented Camel milk. Take part in the set up of the summer Ak-Oy yurts together with the villagers and learn the significance of the amulets and protective Alaja strings used in this centre of everyday nomads life. Erbent is also one of the few places where you can still watch the beautiful traditional Turkmen hunting dogs called "Tazy", a bread similar to Afghan dogs.

Erbent can be visited in a day trip from Ashgabat or en route to Northern Turkmenistan being a 3 hour drive north of Ashgabat. You can also spend the night in a yurt or in a traditional Chaykhana teahouse.

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