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National Tourist Zone Avaza


National tourist zone “Avaza” - project unprecedented in its scale, breadth and boldness of design implemented on the Caspian coast, combines several important aspects of economic strategy of Turkmenistan.
This is an efficient use of abundant natural resources, recreational opportunities, and transit-transport potential of the country, the diversification of the national economy on this basis and mutually beneficial international cooperation.
Over the last years a lot of work has been done and as a result once barren region completely transformed. It gained features of a modern seaside resort that has great prospects. Scale of transformations can be well imagined in the city of Turkmenbashi - the largest industrial, transport and resort center in the Caspian region, which has received a powerful impetus to its development.
On the highways and seafront of Bahr Khazar a magnificent view of the sea opens. And here are the main attractions of the seaside city - Office of the State Service of Maritime and River Transport of Turkmenistan, its silhouette resembling a sea liner, hotel “Charlak” magnificent architectural complex of “Ruhiyet” palace, where concerts, music festivals, and other cultural and social events take place, “Turkmenbashi” hotel surrounded by mountain ridges.
A few turns and throughway brings us to “Avaza” seaside resort where in recent years magnificent hotels and children's sanatoriums – “Vatanchi”, “Hazyna”, “Nebitchi”, “Kerven”, “Kuwwat”, “Serdar”, “Arzuw”, “Dayanch”, “Shapak”, “Bereket” were erected. During these summer days on the banks of the ancient Khazar children's voices sound: with the advent of school holidays and the holiday season citizens of Turkmenistan  rushed to the sea, where they are dragged by pure water, fresh air and wonderful sandy beaches, guaranteeing, a huge charge of energy and well-being for a long time.
With seemingly similarity of infrastructure each hotel facility is different with its own individual style in the external and interior design. Here, the most favorable conditions for a comfortable stay were created. Hotel's interior creates a sense of respectability and comfort at the same time combining classical and modern trends. Both in the rooms of “luxury” class and standard - well thought out plan, comfortable furniture, organic combination of colors.  Hotel restaurants and cafes with a wide range of national and European cuisine, conference rooms for business meetings, symposiums, presentations, fitness center with gym, swimming pools, saunas, massage parlors – everything is at guests’ disposal.
For the full-fledged functioning of the tourism industry in the Caspian region all the necessary transport, energy, engineering, communications, service infrastructure is created. The new international airport constructed in the city of Turkmenbashi became “visiting card” of seaside. Equipped with the latest machinery and equipment, with the latest technological systems, it is not only the “air gates” of the National tourist zone “Avaza”, but also an important link in the transport system of Turkmenistan, which is located at a strategic crossroads of international air, sea, rail and road routes, running through the Eurasian continent.

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