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Medieval City Anau


Anau was inhabited since Neolithic times, it was known as Bagabad to Silk Road travelers. The city was blossoming till the times of Mongols who made the city into ruins. But the live here was renewed the remains found on its territory proves this fact as finding dated to XII-XIV centuries.

New ascent was during the governing of Timurids (1336-1405, established by Timur (Tamerlan)) but from that time only sardoba of XV century with round reservoir 6,5m in diameter and mosque Seit-jemaletdin mosque was constructed in 15th century.

By the 15 century it was a fortified town famous for this mosque. The mosque was built as the inscription on facade said in 1456 when Khorasan was governed by Abu-l-Kasim Baber Bahadurhan. The construction was financed by its vezir Muhammed Hudaidot, who chose the place at the grave of his father sheikh Djemal-ed-din. This mosque played the role of religious complex. Central hall 10,5m in diameter had a dome. It had spiral staircases, which led to the second and third levels. The main entrance was represented by most striking portal with rich tiled blue mosaic above the main entrance depicting two sinuous eight-metre dragons facing each other and inscription in Arabic. Unfortunately the building was completely demolished by the earthquake of 1948.

Only traces in the ground remain, the object of study by archaeologists. The site is still considered holy by locals. Women offer up torn strips of cloth and items of babies’ clothing, dummies and plastic dolls, in the hope of conceiving a child.

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