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Malik Baba


A visit to the popular shrine pilgrimage site of Malik Baba is easily combinable with Ulug Depe, which lies just 1km to the north. There is a guesthouse for pilgrims and an area for ceremonial meals around the car park. From here, a path leads to the tomb, identified as that of Malik Ajdar Palwan, which surprises by its great size. The sword, shield and arrows depicted on the recently reconstructed tomb of greyish-green marble identify its occupant as a warrior, whose greatness is reflected in the fact that the tomb is comfortably large enough to accommodate a giant. Behind the tomb runs an arcade of tiled columns topped with five turquoise domes. Nearby stands a tombless mausoleum, square in plan with a domed roof. As at Ak Ishan, there is a well at the site covered with a large blanket. Lie beneath the blanket and try to see the moon reflected in the water of the well

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