Exploring Tourism in Turkmenistan
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Balkan Mountains


The Balkan Mountains are a fascinating Trekking Area just north of the oil city of Balkanabat (formerly Nebitdag) which can be visited year-round. Owing to the large number of indegenous species (rare wild sheep and bird species there have been consideration to include the area into the Nature Reserves of Turkmenistan.

For small groups 2-3-day treks can be set up - Balkanabat is a 4-5 hour drive from Ashgbat or 1 hour from Turkmenbashi. There is also a good night train connection from Balkanabat to Ashgabat.

Balkanabat is also starting point for day-trip expeditions to Dekhistan, the Yangykala Canyons and the Karabogaz Gulf.

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